Who We Work With

With our strong reputation and proven record of success, H&W Catering has been the caterer of choice on some of the largest construction jobs in both London and across the globe. We aim to provide help and support for these construction companies while completing their large scale projects.

Battersea Power Station

As one of South London’s most iconic buildings, the regeneration of this building and the local area without disturbing the London skyline was always going to be a challenge – as well as a huge project.

With over 3,800 site operatives on site daily, H&W Catering have been working on this project for over 5 years on Phases 2 and 3. We have provided a variety of catering solutions, including a semi-permanent mobile catering unit, 2 fully equipped kitchens and 2 coffee huts. Given the prestigious nature of this project, we have had to maintain the highest levels of quality and compliance and we are proud to say this has been recognised by the main contractor and our customers.

We have developed our menus to meet the diverse requirements of our customers and maintain our quality. Not only the different tastes and wants, but also the different shift patterns, rest periods and site opening hours. To support these we have honed our menu to cater for all of these – ‘grab n go’ options, extending breakfast options, reducing queuing times through providing tills for different purchases. We also operate a night shift until the early hours of the morning to accommodate workforce.


This large scale collection of projects will transform the very heart of London.  For H&W Catering Ltd, this has presented a great opportunity to demonstrate our ability to provide catering in the most challenging of environments.

We are operating kitchens at various locations, each with a bespoke kitchen layout and catering for in excess of 800 operatives.  We have had to use our creativity to meet the spaces available, whilst ensuring the quality of our food is maintained.

With so many options in the local areas, the number of site operatives using our canteens is testament to the quality of our food and the level of service we strive to provide for our customers.

Chelsea Barracks

Over this 4 year project, we have transitioned with the project as it grew in size and numbers.  This brought with it its own challenges – having to redesign and install the kitchen to ensure we could continue to provide the level of service expected by our customers.  From relatively small numbers to peaking over 1100 has meant we have had to shape the kitchen and dishes to meet the changing needs of the project.

Providing catering and hospitality services to the site operatives and office staff, we have offered fresh to order food and seasonal menus.  At this project, we have run numerous operative events – including hogroasts and BBQs as the project has hit significant milestones.

Greenwich Peninsula

As part of the transformation of the Greenwich Peninsula and O2 area, we have worked with Mace on this key project.  Logistics were a challenge at this site, given the surrounding businesses, events and location, however we have developed processes with the client and suppliers to improve efficiency.

With 800 operatives daily, but with limited local eateries, we have strived to meet the expectations of our customers, by offering a fresh and diverse menu, utilising local suppliers to support the local business community – aligning to the initiatives of the main contractor, Mace.


At the flagship store in the heart of London, we have worked closely with the main contractor and Selfridges & Co directly to provide a canteen which matches the prestige of the client.

Running both day and night shifts, to suit the demands of the project, we have served over 500 site operatives daily for the duration of the 3 year project.  We have supported the progress of the project – running bespoke catering facilities for the office and catering for key milestone events.

As the project draws to a close, we have worked with the client to continue the canteen service, making subtle changes so that it can be used by the staff of the store.

Tottenham Stadium

Whether these are your favourite team or not, you have to admire the construction of the new stadium and the finished article.

During a challenging project, with numerous kitchen relocations, we served a large and diverse workforce, including weekends and extended days during the final push to complete the stadium.  We had to be flexible in our approach to suit the requirements of the workforce and various testing during the works process.

Given the size and scale of the project, we operated dual kitchens, with a full service at both – reducing waiting times, ensuring operatives could be catered for during break periods and reducing time spent travelling off site.  We also offered full office catering and installed vending machines for out of hours snacks and drinks.