What We Do

Our innovation is in providing quality food in the most challenging of environments - to cater for the high demands of project sites and operative shifts.

Our Ethos

Our kitchens serve all the site operatives and office staff on a daily basis. We supply a wide range of carefully selected nutritious and tasty handmade dishes, to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. We provide a weekly changing lunch menu, using the freshest and finest ingredients.

We understand that our customers have different needs and we offer a wide range of options to suit these – from Full English Cooked Breakfasts and Daily Hot Lunch Specials, through to ’grab and go’ pre-prepared sandwiches.

To ensure the best service to your site workers, we provide the staff to cater for the various stages of build to reflect the number of workers on your site with a goal of providing an enjoyable eatery and a relaxing place to enjoy superb quality food.

Meet the Team